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Tuition Appeal

Tuition Appeal

Tuition Appeal should be completed when a student had to stop attending or withdraw from their courses after the drop date due to emergency circumstances and/or unforeseen financial hardship. If approved, this appeal can result in a full or partial tuition refund. Other fees, books and course material cost may still apply.

Tuition Appeal Guidelines:

Read Carefully Before Submission

The Tuition Appeal Committee cannot resolve instructor or course dissatisfaction complaints. Please contact the Instructional Division to request an investigation and follow their recommendation.

Due to record destruction requirements, the college may not be able to process tuition appeals that are more than 5 years old.

Military, Veterans and Military dependents, please contact mvp@ppcc.edu BEFORE submitting a Tuition Appeal. An approved appeal may result in significant debt for you.

Reasons for Tuition Appeal Required Documentation
Illness or injury of student Tuition Appeal Medical Form
Student is essential caretaker for immediate family member Tuition Appeal Medical Form: Physician must describe student's role in caretaking
Death of an immediate family member Death certificate, obituary, funeral program, other official documentation of death
Unplanned military obligation Copy of orders
Household income loss or altered work hours Pay stubs before and after change, letter of release from employer
Unexpected homelessness during the semester Notice of eviction; available evidence of change of circumstances
Legal situations out of the student's control Legal documents relevant to semester dates being appealed


Centennial Campus

Tuition Appeal Process

  1. Complete the Tuition Appeal Application.
  2. If you have more relevant documentation than can fit in the application, please email it to tuitionappeal@ppcc.edu.
  3. All Tuition Appeals will be reviewed by a committee.
  4. Monitor the email address on you appeal for updates and requests for additional information.
  5. Tuition Appeals take 6-8 weeks to process. Once processed, you will receive an email with the committee's decision. This decision is final.