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The Manager of Development & Leadership Advancement offers professional development planning assistance through resource suggestions, self-assessments and debriefings, and facilitation of departmental professional development days. If you are curious about resources or looking for facilitation help, please reach out to ashlee.dutton@pikespeak.edu to schedule and appointment to discuss options. Self-Assessment Testing and Debriefing The Manager of Development & Leadership Advancement is certified to administer and debrief.

 ·       Help you discover your talents and develop them into strengths

·       Help you use your strength to overcome your challenges and accomplish goals

·       Help you capitalize on your potential and perform at your best

Utilize, debrief, and coach on the Energy Leadership Index attitudinal self-assessment tool that captures how an individual currently perceives and approaches work and life. After this assessment, one can then plan and adjust priorities in support of work and life goals through focused energy.  Professional Coaching, The Manager of Development & Leadership Advancement is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and willing to offer complimentary coaching sessions to help you harness your maximum potential and seek your personalized path for growth. 

Maintains niche expertise and advanced knowledge to coach you through a guided process on how to create your comprehensive and sustainable game plan, leverage key influencers that enhance or detract from your performance energy, unleash your highest potential and performance, and most importantly—how to show up when it matters most, adjust on the fly, and optimize your outcomes and experiences.