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Enhancing Leadership Program

Enhancing Leadership Program

The Enhancing Leadership Program is designed for individuals who want to further invest in their strengths, enhance their foundational management skills, develop a strong leadership identity, and utilize this newfound confidence and talent to not only become a leader within their current position, but complete strong groundwork to continue the journey towards advancement.

Enhancing Leadership Program Concentrations:

  • Strengths Awareness, Advocacy, & Regulation
  • Champion Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Project Management & Outcomes Assessment
  • 360 Degree Feedback & Goal Setting
  • Strategic Alignment & Building Partnerships
  • Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Conflict Management
  • Creating a Culture of Resiliency
  • Customer Service Best Practices
  • High Potential Leadership Coaching
  • Leading & Motivating a Team
  • Leadership Philosophy

PPCC-Focused Capstone Project
Interested participants compete in a rigorous application pool, opened each July, and the selected cohort begins each September, ending with their final capstone presentations at the culmination ceremony the following September. 

Enhancing Leadership Program Digital Badge
The Enhancing Leadership Program is the paramount leadership certification program for PPSC Employees. Upon successful completion of the program, employees are awarded the Enhancing Leadership Program Digital Credential. What are digital credentials?

To cultivate a diverse, motivated group of aspiring leaders who are empowered to maximize their leadership potential in their current roles through intentional engagement, skill acquisition, strategy development, and an overall commitment to leadership excellence.

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Enhancing Leadership Program Faculty Contact

Ashlee Dutton
O: 719-502-2176
M: 719-424-2099

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