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Canva Instructions

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When the college rebranded and changed their name, we set up an enterprise edition of Canva. Canva is a web-based design tool for non-designers. It will allow your faculty and staff to create their own flyers, social media graphics and more. By joining the PPSC enterprise account, everyone is provided with all of the approved logos, patterns, colors, fonts, and templates to create materials. 
Many faculty and staff have their own personal, free Canva accounts. We ask that they not use them for materials regarding the college because they need to be branded properly to create consistency. 
We have a limited number of licenses, so Canva accounts need to be set up with a universal/group Division or Department email (example: BTPSDIV@pikespeak.edu) and a password that will be managed by your Admin and distributed to all staff and faculty in that division.

Steps to Make an Account

  1. Create a department/group email account (if your team already has one, skip to Step 2).
    • All Divisions and Departments should already have a group email account. Check with your Admin for access to this group email account.
    • If your Division/Department doesn't already have a group email, designate someone in your division like the Dean or Assistant to the Dean to create a department-specific group email account (example: marketing@pikespeak.edu) that your team will share.  
  2. Email marketing@pikespeak.edu to request access to Canva with the email address from step 1. 
  3. Watch for an invitation from Canva.com to join the Pikes Peak State College team (be sure to check spam and junk). You'll receive the invitation to join Canva with your group email account. Accept the invitation and create a password.
  4. Email your staff and faculty with the group email address and Canva password. (Consider posting the login details somewhere public within your department/division that anyone can access such as Office 365/Sharepoint).
Centennial Campus
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Canva Tutorial: Designing Promotional Materials

This video can teach you how to make flyers, social media posts, and posters in Canva. 

Canva Tutorial: Making Onboarding Videos

This video can teach you how to make onboarding videos for faculty and staff in Canva. If you want to make videos for your classes, please contact Pikes Peak’s E Learning department at e.learning@pikespeak.edu.  

Onboarding, or how-to videos, can be used to teach employees
about your program or department’s processes.

For example, you may want to teach your team how to use Basecamp, or show them how to use the portal.

You can make a video that does so for you in Canva.

These videos can be shared internally in places like Sharepoint or Basecamp. Please do not publish these videos on the Pikes Peak website or share them outside the college.

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