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Fellows Programs

Spring 2023 Fellows Schedules

STEM Fellows | Centennial - Coming SoonSTEM Fellows | Rampart - Coming SoonWriting Fellows | Centennial - Coming SoonWriting Fellows | Rampart - Coming Soon

Introduction to Fellows

Fellows programs give students additional support in introductory courses and seek to increase student interest in STEM and writing intensive subjects. Through these programs, students participate in hour-long group tutoring sessions run by Learning Commons tutors. These sessions provide tips, tricks, and resources on the session topic or subject area. These programs also connect students with PPSC resources, including their own classmates.

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Stem & Writing Fellows

STEM Fellows:

  • MAT1340
  • BIO1111
  • CHE1111

Writing Fellows:

  • ENG1021/1022
  • HIS1310/1320
  • Other writing-intensive courses in history, sociology, and psychology

For questions about the program, or if you're an instructor and would like to participate, email STEMFellows@pikespeak.edu or WritingFellows@pikespeak.edu.

Trace Mealer and Travis Fritz