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Test Taking Tips
Being well prepared prior to taking a test is one of the best things that you can do. Several strategies are provided in this video to help you better prepare before the test.

Tips for Taking Math Notes
Taking notes is an essential college success skill. But note-taking for mathematics is different and can be challenging to students unfamiliar with how to effectively take math notes.

Note Taking and Organization Tips
 Students should make sure they know how to take proper notes in college - and how to create a digital file organization strategy. This is an essential skill for students taking traditional - and online - courses.

What is a Syllabus? How to Use It
Learn about the course syllabus. You'll get one for each of your classes and they contain contains ESSENTIAL class information students need to be successful in a course such as instructor policies, expectations for students and instructors, instructor contact information, assignments, due dates and deadlines, and grading policies.

College Communication Tips
Whether you communicate in person, over the phone, or in writing communicating effectively is a must - in both college and the workplace. Communication is nothing but a skill - and one that you can master if you keep practicing.

Meeting with Your Professors - Why You Should + Tips
There are many reasons to meet with your professor - including gathering valuable career advice, getting clarification about an assignment, or simply getting to know your professor better.