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Is the Robotics and Automation Technology Profession right for you?

The Robotics and Automation Technology field is a good field for those who enjoy the excellent pay and benefits in the high technology world.

Robotics and Automation are used in virtually every industry sector, including communications, manufacturing and medical. Graduates will be qualified to work in automation and control systems, measurement, instrumentation, control systems automation and industrial robotics environments.

Industry Averages

  • Median wages nationally (2020): $28.75 hourly, $59,800 annual
  • Median wages in Colorado (2020): $30.68 hourly, $63,820 annually
  • Employment (2020): 13,400 employees
  • Projected growth (2020-2030): Decline, -1% or lower
  • Projected job openings (2020-2030): 1,200
  • Top industries (2020): Manufacturing Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Source: O*NET OnLine
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