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Medical Professionals Courses

Medical Professionals

Many universities and four-year colleges have Medical Professionals tracks. Typically those are BS degrees in Science. It is very important for you to contact and maintain communication with your target institution to meet their requirements.
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Typical Medical Professionals Course Sequencing

Below is a typical Medical Professionals class sequence to fulfill an Associate of Science Degree at PPSC. This class sequence is in preparation for transferring to a four-year university Medical Professionals track. Courses can be taken in summer semesters to reduce the course load for each semester. Be sure to work with your Medical Sciences Advisor to revise this plan if you place into or have taken college-level Pre-Calculus or Calculus.

Note: Anatomy and Physiology courses should be taken at Junior or Senior levels at a traditional four-year institutions to properly prepare for Medical School. Taking BIO 106, BIO 201 and BIO 202 at PPSC would not be sufficient.

It is best to take all sciences courses with in-person labs.

PPSC does not offer Bio-Chem courses. Those also would need to be taken after you transfer to a traditional four-year university or college. 

Students should research Medical Professionals at the four-year institutions of their choice well before transferring. Work with your Academic and/or Faculty Advisors to make sure they are taking the correct courses.

Pre-Physical Therapist and Pre-Physician Assistant coursework is different than what is charted below. Be sure to read the advising websites for these two career objectives. 

Course & Credit hours

ENG 121/1201 English Composition I (3)

MAT 121/1340 College Algebra (4)

Social and Behavioral Science (3) See Catalog or Degree Check for choices.

Arts and Humanities (3) See Catalog or Degree Check for choices.

CHE 101/1011 Introduction to Chemistry (5)

Total Credits: 18

CHE 101/1011, prerequisite to CHE 111/1111, is only needed if student has not passed High School Chemistry or any other college Chemistry courses.

Course & Credit hours

CHE 111/1111 General Chemistry I (5)

MAT 166/1440 Pre-Calculus (5)

History (3) See Catalog or Degree Check for choices.

Communications 115/1150, 125/1250 or 220/2300 (3)

ENG 122/1022 English Composition II (3)

Total Credits: 19 Special Permission must be obtained by a Medical Sciences Advisor in Advising & Testing to take over 18 credits. 

Course & Credit hours

Arts and Humanities (3) See Catalog or Degree Check for choices.

PHY 111/1111 Physics Algebra-Based I (5)

BIO 111/1111 General College Biology I (5)

MAT 201/2410 Calculus I (5)

Total Credits: 18

Course & Credit hours

CHE 112/1112 General Chemistry II (5)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3) See Catalog or Degree Check for choices.

BIO 112/1112 General College Biology II (5)

PHY 112/1112 Physics Algebra-Based II (5)

Total Credits: 18

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