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Associate of General Studies (AGS) Degree

A two-year Associate of General Studies (AGS) in Hospitality is a terminal degree designed to make graduates ready for immediate entry to mid-level Hospitality positions or for hospitality professionals interested in earning an accredited degree.

Earning your Associate of General Studies in Hospitality will prepare you to:
Learn the necessary skills for Management, sales, customer service, marketing, event planning.

Hospitality Associate of General Studies

Course & Credit Hours

ENG 1021 Composition I : CO1 (3)


ENG 1031 Technical Writing I: GT-CO1 (3)

CIS 1015 Introduction to Computer Information Systems (3)


CIS 1018 Introduction to PC Applications (3)


CSC 1005 Computer Literacy (3)

MAT 1260 Introduction to Statistics: MA1 (3)

HOS 1031 Planning for Special Events (3)

HOS 2051 Hotel Operations (3)

15 Credit Hours

Course & Credit Hours

COM 1015 Public Speaking (3)


COM 1025 Interpersonal Communication (3)

HWE 1050 Human Nutrition (3)

HIS 1120 The World: 1500 - Present HI1 (3)


GT Pathways History Courses HI1 (3)

ACC 1001 Fundamentals of Accounting (3)

HOS 1048 Introduction to Food and Beverage (3)

15 Credit Hours

Semester 3

Course & Credit Hours

SOC 1001 Introduction to Sociology I: SS3 (3)

BUS 1015 Introduction to Business (3)

POS 1025 American State & Local Government (3)

HOS 2021 Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting (3)

HOS 2026 Supervision in the Hospitality Industry (3)

15 Credit Hours

Course & Credit Hours

PHI 2005 Business Ethics: AH3 (3)

MAR 1060 Customer Service (3) 

BUS 2017 Business Communication and Report Writing (3)

HOS 2031 Resort Facilities and Management (3)

HOS 2080 Internship (3)

15 Credit Hours


Program Information Flyer

The 2-year course offering schedule is intended to be used as a general planning tool. Course offerings may change. Contact an advisor for more information.

2-year Course Offerings Printable Program Flier (PDF)

2-Year Course Offerings - AGS