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The Associate of Science Chemistry Degree

Many students use this degree or these classes as a stepping stone into professional programs requiring these types of courses, such as pre-medical, pre-veterinary, or requirements for a bachelors degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology.

Our Associate of Science degree (AS) is a Guaranteed Transfer Degree, meaning it will transfer to any four-year state school in Colorado.

Currently, our number one four year transfer destination is University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. A student can start their freshman and sophomore coursework here at PPSC, and finish their junior and senior coursework at UCCS. Other options can include:
  • Adams State University
  • Colorado Mesa University
  • Colorado State University at Ft. Collins or Pueblo
  • Fort Lewis College
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Boulder, or Denver
  • University of Northern Colorado
  • Western State Colorado University


The Associate of Science Degree with Designation in Chemistry is designed for students intending to transfer to a four-year school and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. The Statewide Transfer Agreement will allow students to transfer to a Colorado public four-year school and complete their degree with an additional 60 credit hours. For more information about the Transfer Agreement please visit: cdhe.colorado.gov/students/attending-college/credit-transfer/transfer-degrees

  • Your personalized schedule will be best determined by meeting with an Academic Advisor
  • Math Requirements: Students should place into MAT 1140
  • English Requirements: Students should place into ENG 1020

  • MAT 2410 - Calculus I MA1 (5 credits)
  • ENG 1021 - English Composition I CO1 (3 credits)
  • PHI 1011 - Introduction to Philosophy AH3 (3 credits)
  • CHE 1111 - General College Chemistry I with Lab SC1 (5 credits)

Total 16 Credits

  • MAT 2420 - Calculus II MA1 (5 credits)
  • ENG 1022 - English Composition II CO2 (3 credits)
  • HIS 2000 - History of Science & Technology HI1 (3 credits)
  • CHE 1112 - General College Chemistry II with Lab SC1 (5 credits)

Total 16 Credits

  • MAT 2430 - Calculus III MA1 (4 credits)
  • PHY 2111 - Physics: Calculus Based I with Lab SC1 (5 credits)
  • CHE 2111 - Organic Chemistry I with Lab SC1 (5 credits) 

Total 14 Credits

  • PSY 1001 - General Psychology I SS3 (3 credits)
  • PHY 2112 - Physics: Calculus Based II with Lab SC1 (5 credits)
  • CHE 2112 - Organic Chemistry II with Lab SC1 (5 credits)
  • Associate of Applied Science Elective - (See an Advisor) (1 credit)

Total 14 credits