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2024 Tax Season is Closed


Please come back in January 2025 to schedule your appointment for our 2025 Tax Season.

If you have questions on your 2024 tax returns, please contact us at taxhelpco@pikespeak.edu or contact Mile High United Way at info@taxhelpco.org


What is Tax Help Colorado?

Tax Help Colorado LogoWe provide FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, and SECURE preparation and e-filing of your Federal and State income taxes. Completed by IRS-certified accounting students and community volunteers who will work under the supervision of tax professionals to provide quality tax returns to low-to-moderate income Colorado residents.

The income limit for this year’s tax return is $64,000.

If you exceed this limit, you can file your own taxes for free online at MyFreeTaxes.com if you made less than $79,000.

For more information go to coloradovita.org/what-we-can-do.html

Do I Qualify?

  • Household income less than $64,000
  • S. Citizen or Permanent resident
  • Business expenses less than $35,000

For a more thorough assessment go to taxhelpco.org/get-free-tax-help/who-qualifies/

If you do not qualify for Tax Help Colorado we offer Facilitated Self Assistance (FSA). FSA allows you to prepare your own income tax return using IRS-certified software with the help from our volunteers.

Form 1040

How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering for Tax Help Colorado, you can enroll in PPSC courses or volunteer as a community volunteer.  As a volunteer tax preparer, you would receive training in preparing taxes and using IRS software to prepare taxes.  Then pass the IRS certification exam.  You need no prior accounting or tax experience to volunteer with us only a desire to learn and to help out the community.

As a student enroll in our Fall or Spring semester course Tax Help Colorado (ACC 1032) and the Spring semester Tax Help Colorado Practicum (ACC 1031).

As a community volunteer you would need to attend our January boot camp and pass the IRS certification exam to volunteer.  Please contact cristal.breitbeil@pikespeak.edu for more information.

For general volunteer information go to coloradovita.org/volunteering.html