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Army ROTC with UCCS

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Take Classes at PPSC and join UCCS Army ROTC

Pikes Peak students can join the UCCS Army ROTC program while they are attending PPSC. 

Take classes toward your degree at Pikes Peak State and take the ROTC class at UCCS. When you are ready to transfer, you will work with the UCCS Army ROTC office to apply for an ROTC scholarship.

Many students receive an ROTC scholarship in either in their sophomore or junior year. You can transfer after one or two years at PPSC, whatever works in your favor for if/when you receive a ROTC scholarship.

Take advantage of lower tuition rates at PPSC while you are considering ROTC and until you receive a ROTC scholarship at UCCS! 

How to Participate in Army ROTC at UCCS as a PPSC student

  • Applying to Pikes Peak State is free and there are no essays or tests required. 
  • There is no application deadline, so you can apply anytime as a regular student.
  • It takes most students about 10 minutes to complete the online application. 
  • If you've attended or applied the past year, you are an active student and do not need to reapply. 

If you have questions about being PPSC student, or if you would like assistance completing your admission application, connect with our recruitment team.

Start your PPSC admission application 

Work with your Academic Advisor to complete the enrollment process at PPSC by registering for classes. Plan to follow a PPSC to UCCS transfer guide to ensure you are taking the right classes for your major.

Meet with a PPSC Academic Advisor 

The application is free and there are no academic admission requirements to apply.

Apply to UCCS Academic Outreach/Extended Studies

To register, contact the Recruiting Operations Officer at UCCS.  

Contact ROTC at UCCS to Register 

Depending on the time of the ROTC class, you may need to readjust your Pikes Peak schedule so courses do not overlap. Be sure to plan time to make it to the different locations! 

Your Pikes Peak State and your UCCS tuition are billed and paid separately. 

There are several ways that Pikes Peak students pay for their education. 

1. Submit the FAFSA or CASFA.
 Complete your FAFSA for the desired aid year OR update your FAFSA with Pikes Peak's school code: 008896. If you are not eligible to submit the FAFSA based on your citizenship status, learn about ASSET and submit the Colorado Application for Student Financial Aid (CASFA). LEARN MORE ABOUT FINANCIAL AID


2. Apply for College Opportunity Fund (COF)

COF is a tuition contribution provided by the State of Colorado to students who meet the qualifications to receive in-state tuition rates. APPLY FOR COF

3. Apply for Scholarships 

Apply for Pikes Peak State College scholarships using the general Pikes Peak State scholarship application. The application is open between November and February. APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS

4. Self-Pay 

Pikes Peak State College offers many self-payment options

Paying for your Pikes  Peak Classes Paying for your UCCS extended studies classes


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For information about Pikes Peak State College and becoming a student, fill out this form and our team will be in touch soon! 

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