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College Opportunity Fund (COF)

The College Opportunity Fund is a tuition discount provided by the state of Colorado to students who meet the qualifications for in-state tuition rates and lawful presence in the United States. The COF amount is subject to yearly change by the state of Colorado.

How does COF work?
Here is an example:
COF amount = $104 discount per credit hour 
Your credit hours enrolled for Spring 2023 = 12 credit hours
12 credit hours x $104 discount per credit hour = $1248 total tuition discount for Spring 2023

Who is Eligible?
All students who have Residency status according to PPSC policy and lawful presence in the US according to COF policy.
Current and former military and dependents, DACA, select undocumented students, permanent residents, and students on select visas are all COF eligible. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact records@ppcc.edu.

High School Concurrent Program Students and Students Using Military or Veterans Benefits:
You are COF eligible, regardless of your residency or lawful presence status. These programs require COF to achieve 100% tuition payment. If you choose not to use COF, you will be responsible for the amount that COF would cover.

Other college funding programs may have a similar rule. Please double check with your funding sources regarding any COF requirement.

Email: records@ppcc.edu
Include your name and student number to avoid delays.

College Opportunity Fund (COF)

Watch this video to learn more about how to apply and authorize this stipend.

Downtown Campus

COF Quick Guide

The COF discount applies by the credit hour, so you have to be enrolled in classes in order to receive COF funds. 

Your COF account is the hub where the college(s) that you are attending will draw your COF funds to apply to your tuition.

To create a COF account, please visit: https://cof.college-assist.org/

You only have to create a COF account once.  You may have done this already when you applied to PPSC or have used COF in the past. If you already have a COF account, the website will stop you from creating a duplicate. If you are unsure, please email records@ppcc.edu so we can check for you!

Include your name and S# in all correspondence.

Pro Tip: Please make sure you use the exact same information you used to complete your college application to create your COF account. This will help your COF account sync with your student record without error. 

Authorizing COF with the school you're attending is how you tell the school that it's okay to take the appropriate funds from your COF account to apply to your tuition.

For PPSC, you must authorize COF each semester through your student portal.

If you are transferring to another college and want to use COF there, you must contact that college to ask how they do COF authorizations. 

You may use your COF funds at multiple schools at one time. You just have to make sure that you have authorized at each college for the semester.

Pro Tip for PPSC COF Authorization: If your student portal says “No Changes Made” that means you have already authorized and are good to go.

Please allow 3-5 business days from completing the above steps for COF to show up on your student bill. If you don't see it, please make sure COF is open for the semester. If it is open for the semester and you still don't see it apply, please email records@ppcc.edu.

Include your name and S# in all correspondence.

Fall Semester COF: Opens to begin applying to student bills the first week of July; Deadline to receive COF for Fall is the last week of January

Summer Semester COF: Opens to begin applying to student bills the first week of April; Deadline to receive COF for Summer is the first week of September

Spring Semester COF: Opens to begin applying to student bills the first week of December; Deadline to receive COF for Spring is the last week of May

COF will discount 145 undergraduate credit hours per student, per lifetime.  The following may be options for you to extend your 145 hour COF limit if you've already used them.

Institutional Waiver  –  Only complete this form if you have already used several hours of COF (ie if you have previous degrees or have been attending college for several years). If  you're not sure, your best bet is to make sure you complete the steps above. Sign up for COF, authorize through your student portal and look for COF to apply after you register. If you don't see it, please email records@ppcc.edu. We can let you know if you need an institutional waiver.

Post Baccalaureate COF Waiver– One-time extension of 30 COF hours for those with a bachelor’s degree. Email records@ppcc.edu for details.

Colorado Commission on Higher Education COF Waiver –Students who have exhausted other waivers or need more than a 30 credit extension.