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Online Course Delivery

This page hosts and links to resources to assist instructors in sharing documents, files, and utilizing technology to support online education. 


The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) has developed resources on the CETL Lib Guide to assist instructors with non-technical support in creating robust online learning environments for students.



Online Meeting Resources

PPSC instructors have access to a Zoom enterprise account that allows them to use all paid features on the Zoom meeting platform. 

Sign Into Zoom using your PPSC instructor email address and portal password

Comprehensive Guide to Educating Through Zoom

Zoom Screen Share and Annotation for Education

Zoom Help Center (General Resources)

WebEx is a college owned and supported video conferencing resource for which all instructors have a login.

(You may be prompted to download a WebEx extension onto your computer)

Getting Started with WebEx (signing in)

Using your WebEx Meeting Room - The quickest way to start a meeting

Schedule a meeting in your browser - Setup a future meeting

How students can access your WebEx Meeting - Steps for attendees to participate

* The college will not reimburse instructors for purchases of non-free tools, ITSS does not support the use of these tools - use at your discretion.

Google hangouts - a platform for video conferencing - may require free software downloads.

Skype - free tool allows users to easily communicate in teleconferences - supports screen sharing and multiple users.


Sign In to WebEx    WebEx Help Center

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Communication in the Online Learning Environment

Utilize the D2L announcement tool

This transition may require instructors to utilize announcements in more direct ways than they have become accustomed to in non-fully online environments.

D2L’s Email function

Classlist tools in D2L allow instructors to use embedded email to quickly reach all, some, or individual students in their courses. 

Be sure to check email – this transition may require some to check their email more than usual in order to address emerging challenges. Checking every 24 to 48 hours is recommended.

How to send emails in D2L

The High-Impact Practices (HiPs) team has developed a D2L course with resources to assist instructors in developing and delivering remote instruction.

Log into D2L and access:

Remote Instruction and Course Design D2L Course

For specific questions regarding your discipline or course specific guidelines for instruction – be sure to contact your Department Chair or Associate Dean.

PPSC eLearning Faculty Support Blog - a treasure trove of resources tailored to PPSC

Login to D2L Courses   How to register for Self-Paced D2L Training 

Utilizing Cloud Computing - Office 365

Microsoft OneDrive help & learning page - general overview of OneDrive


How to sign into Microsoft 365 - access OneDrive & SharePoint


How to share files through OneDrive (and SharePoint) - A quick guide to sharing small and large files of various types.


Login to Microsoft 365 via MyPPSC Portal




Using Microsoft Teams for Meetings and Calls



Creating Video Lectures

The simplest way to share videos of various formats - instructors can utilize a free YouTube (google) account to post lectures recorded through their phones or webcams to reach their students. 

How to create a YouTube account


How to upload a video to YouTube from your computer


How to upload a video to YouTube from your smartphone


How to share your YouTube video (multiple methods)


Capture and record your computer screen and using voice over to create videos for class. 

Open Broadcaster Software (Free Software)


Screencast-o-matic (Free License - Basic Features)

Request Resources and Assistance

The resources available on this page are just a start, if there are specific resources that you would like to know more about - email the BPS team so that we can follow up and direct you to resources or build them.

Email the BTPS Team