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CETL Programs

Interior of Centennial Campus

New Faculty Academy (NFA)


A career in teaching takes not only discipline knowledge, but consistently growing and gaining a greater understanding of pedagogy (approach to teaching) and andragogy (adult learning). New Faculty Academy's focus is ensuring that in your first year of teaching you can build your first professional development foundation at Pikes Peak

All new faculty attend the one-year academy that focuses on pedagogy, PPSC students, and campus resources. Faculty attend trainings, read about, and gain a greater understanding of teaching in the higher education classroom whether they are in person, online (asynchronously), remote (synchronously), hybrid, and hyflex settings.

New Faculty and Instructor Orientation (NFIO)


The first step and introduction to our campus community, CETL’s orientation will connect you to your division, provide an overview of the campus, and direct you toward the important resources to support you in your teaching. Meet campus leadership, begin networking at the college, and learn about Desire2Learn (D2L) the course learning management system during orientation. Learn more about CETL’s programs, the technology on campus, and where to go with questions.

Fall orientation is held during the evening at the Centennial Campus. Spring orientation is held during the morning at the Rampart Range Campus. Invitations and agenda for orientation are sent by the CETL New Faculty and Instructor Orientation coordinator.

Questions about an upcoming orientation? Send an e-mail to cetl@pikespeak.edu

Centennial Campus


Centennial Campus

Remote and Hyflex Instruction


Remote courses at Pikes Peak are structured to have the instructor and students are in a web conference environment such as Zoom or WebEx synchronously. A highly inclusive and interactive environment is important for any classroom, including those run in this virtual environment. 

Hyflex teaching is structured with the instructor and a portion of students are in the classroom, with an additional portion of students logging in during class time via Zoom. Training in this area is focused on both the classroom technology and important approach to teaching inclusively in this structure. 

If your program is seeking to grow in this area, CETL is here with technology training and best pedagogical practices for these course types.

CETL supports teaching with technology with a robust Desire2Learn (D2L) shell offering tips and tricks for teaching in a synchronous remote or hyflex setting. Get added to this shell today by sending an e-mail to cetl@pikespeak.edu 


  • Request access to the Remote/Hyflex Launchpad with multiple units to train, guide, and update you on the latest technology and teaching tips
  • Become hyflex certified by attending a hyflex training offered once each semester
  • Work with CETL’s Remote/Hyflex coordinator to utilize web conference apps and software for your classroom
Request a remote or hyflex training by sending an e-mail to cetl@pikespeak.edu

Promoting Advancement and Growth for Educators (PAGE)

CETL understands that one size does NOT fit all when it comes to Professional Development. The PAGE program was specifically designed with part-time instructors in mind. We all have different needs, interests, academic disciplines, and ideas about teaching. This means that you choose: 

  • The professional development opportunities/workshop.
  • What takeaway you will use for reflection.
  • The ways to implement what you learned into your PPSC classroom.
  • How to assess the effectiveness/success of the implemented idea.
Learn more about the PAGE program in the CETL SharePoint site.
Centennial Campus