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March Sustarsic Harvey
M.A., Ohio University

March Sustarsic Harvey received her M.A. from Ohio University in Spanish Language and Literature in 2001. She has also completed post-graduate work in Language acquisition, online teaching methodology and adult learning at the University of Las Vegas. Professor Sustarsic Harvey has a passion for travel and cultural exchange. As an undergraduate student, she lived and studied in Toledo, Spain. As a graduate student, she was assistant director for a study abroad experience in Merida, Mexico and at Pikes Peak State College she created and directed a study abroad trip for students to Monteverde, Costa Rica.


Professional Experience

Professor Sustarsic Harvey has created and taught all of the online courses offered at Pikes Peak State College in World Languages. She has also created the Spanish for Professionals course in Medical Spanish and developed a program for Translation and Interpretation at the college level. In addition to course development and design, Professor Sustarsic Harvey has led student trips to Mexico and Costa Rica for language and cultural immersion.

Honors & Awards

Service Award - Co-Chair COAT Speaking Subcommittee
Achievement Award for the TIP program
Served as Department Chair: College of Southern Nevada and Pikes Peak State College

Classes Taught

Spanish 1011
Spanish 1012
Spanish 1015
Spanish 2011
Spanish 2012
Spanish 1001

Professional Memberships

Fluency Fast

Research Interests

Linguistic and Cultural Exchange Programs
Online Education
Adult Learning