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Majel Campbell


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Majel Campbell
M.A., University of Georgia, Athens

Majel Campbell was born and raised in Colorado Springs. She attended high school locally and went on to graduate from UCCS with a degree in Spanish before moving to Athens, Georgia to complete her masters degree. She returned to Colorado Springs and shortly after began teaching at PPSC. She has been here ever since.


Professional Experience

17 years teaching full time Spanish and 2 years teaching part time Spanish.

Classes Taught

SPA 1001
SPA 1011
SPA 1012
SPA 2011
SPA 2012

Research Interests

Latin American Literature (all literature really, with an emphasis on Latin American.)

Anthropology of the Americas with a focus on Central America and the American Southwest.

History of Mexico, with an emphasis on the Aztecs. The conquest by Hernán Cortés and his army of their capital city, Tenochtitlán, and its remnants and influences in modern day Mexico City.

Mexican identity and syncretistic religion in the region.