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World Languages

Degree Type: Associate of Arts Degree, AA

Pathway: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

More Options: Classroom Based, Hyflex, Online, Hybrid

Program Length: 4 Semesters

Location: Centennial, Rampart Range, Downtown Studio

Transferability: Transferable, Guaranteed Transfer (GT)

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Spring 2024 registration opens October 30

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Why choose world languages at PPSC?

As a PPSC student studying World Languages, you will not only learn to speak and read in other languages, you'll also learn about other cultures.  Our programs are built around the standards put forth by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Not only can your associate degree help you pursue (with more advanced degrees), careers in international business and diplomacy, these skills also will make you more valuable in any career. PPSC offers an Associate of Arts Degree in Spanish and French. 

Career Options

The skills you learn in studying world languages prepare you for a wide range of careers in the following fields:

  • International Business
  • Import/Export Sales
  • Public/Media Relations
  • Local/State/National Governmental Organizations
  • Marketing
  • Teaching
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Voices of PPSC

Elijah Moore

Voices of PPSC

I like the community here, it is very welcoming.

Elijah Moore
Photography Major

World Language Classes You Might Take

Check out the classes you may take while studying World Languages


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Develops students' interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communicative abilities in the language. Integrates these skills in the cultural contexts in which the language is used. Offers a foundation in the analysis of culture.

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Continues Spanish Language II in the development of increased functional proficiency at the intermediate level in speaking, aural comprehension, reading, writing, and cultural competency in the Spanish Language. This course in conducted predominantly in Spanish.

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Program Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a Central Message
  • Employ language that enhances the presentation
  • Incorporate language that is appropriate to the audience
  • Demonstrate performance skills, (posture, gesture, eye contact, and vocal expressiveness) to share content with or present to a particular audience for a specific occasion and purpose (execute delivery)

1st semester plan

math & english requirements

1st semester plan

  • ENG 1021 - English Composition I CO1 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • COM 1150 - Public Speaking 3 Credit Hour(s) or COM 1250 - Interpersonal Communication SS3 3 Credit Hour(s) or COM 2300 - Intercultural Communication SS3 3 Credit Hour(s)

  • GT - One GT Pathways course (GT-MA1)

     prefer MAT 1240 

  • FRE 1011 - French Language I, 5 Credit Hours or SPA 1011 - Spanish Language I, 5 Credit Hours

math & english requirements

Recommended basic skills courses are

  • College Quantitative Literacy 

  • Three (3) credit hours

    • GT - One GT Pathways course (GT-MA1)

       prefer MAT 1240 

Recommended basic skills courses are

  • College Reading & Writing Literacy

  • Six (6) credit hours

    • ENG 1021 - English Composition I CO1 3 Credit Hour(s)

    • ENG 1022 - English Composition II CO2 3 Credit Hour(s) 

    • or ENG 1022 - English Composition II CO2 3 Credit Hours 

    • or ENG 2001 - English Composition III CO3 3 Credit Hour(s) 

    • or HIS 2765 - Writing About History CO3 3 Credit Hour(s)


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World Language Faculty Contact

Majel Campbell 


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