Dan Shaw


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Box R16, Rampart Range | W-119P


Dan Shaw received his Ph.D. in Comparative Religion from Northwestern University in 1987.  For the first half of his career, he taught courses in religion, specializing in the history and thought of the Islamic and medieval Christian traditions.  Since coming to PPSC he has taught Philosophy, Ethics, Comparative Religions, and Eastern Religions.  Dan recently completed an Open Educational Resource textbook for use in all PPSC Introduction to Philosophy courses.  He enjoys using active learning strategies in the classroom, including active educational learning games.  His recent work with the Reacting to the Past consortium in New York led to the creation of a game on the ethics of pursuing artificial intelligence.  Dan is a regular contributor of reviews for the journal Teaching Philosophy.  He lives in Colorado Springs with his cat, Theo.  



In addition to the OER Introduction to Philosophy textbook published in 2022, Dan has recently published a book review of Philosophy’s Big Questions: Comparing Buddhist and Western Approaches in the journal Teaching Philosophy (Volume 45:1, March 2022).  Some earlier publications include: The Diet of Worms, April 1521; The Birth of the Reformation (CCCS, 2014); a book review of Islamic Jerusalem and its Christians: a History of Tolerance and Tensions, by Maher Y. Abu-Munshar in the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa Journal, December 2008; and “Give them their Chance to Shine!,” an article in NISOD: Innovation Abstracts, 30:18, September 2008.