Jenna Shearn


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Box D37, Downtown | DT-S116


Jenna Shearn was born into art. Ever since she can remember, she was always creating. In her early childhood, she was always drawing, painting, collaging and cutting shapes out of wood on a jigsaw. The creative process was a way of life. Art was integrated into her family life and woven into each day. Growing up in Black Forest, Colorado, void of television she was surrounded by nature. Jenna used imagination as a form of entertainment. These formative years left a mark in her experience and the creative process is now a part of her everyday life.

Trying to find your way through life can be challenging and exciting. Jenna Shearn cares about the students at Pikes Peak State College, not just in art, photography, and multimedia and graphic design but also as people who want to make create a successful and satisfying mark in their lives. 

Jenna Shearn began her professional career in 1990 Boulder, Colorado working with clients mostly in the artistic fields. She also worked for Sounds True and recorded remarkable authors such as Caroline Myss, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Pema Chodron.  


B.A. at Cornell College, Mt. Vernon IA
M.A.T. at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO


Professional Experience

Jenna Shearn was Department Chair for the Multimedia Graphic Design Department from 1998 to 2011. She developed the MGD student internship program and manages the Perkins financial budget for the MGD Program. Jenna is an advocate for the mission of the Art Department, Multimedia Graphic Design Department and the Photography Department. She earned her Masters degree in the Art of Teaching at Colorado College in 2009. 

Her job responsibilities at Pikes Peak State College have consisted of: 

  1. Facilitating the academic and pre-professional programs of the department in both the day and Evening.
    2. Promoting the academic quality of the MGD department and discipline
    3. Conducting searches for faculty positions (full-time, adjunct and affiliate)
    4. Evaluating faculty
    5. Mentoring all MGD department faculty
    6. Supervising and evaluating support staff
    7. Developing & monitoring the departmental budget request. Purchasing hardware, software, and materials for the Multimedia Graphic Design Program through Perkins funding.
    8. Examining the departmental offerings and curriculum development
    9. Submitting course schedules for various terms
    10. Processing paperwork for various committees and offices (course proposals, etc.)
    11. When appropriate, managing external grants, special programs and development projects
    12. Managing the departmental assessment process and conducting periodic departmental reviews
    13. Organizing and presiding at department meetings
    14. Encouraging faculty professional development
    15. Providing liaison and information to faculty committees, ad hoc committees, accrediting organizations and other groups
    16. Providing liaison to other departments at PPCC.
    17. Representing the department at meetings with other faculty and department chairs.
    18. Responding to student petitions, degree applications, complaints, requests, etc.
    19. Supervising new student recruitment and retention of majors
    20. Internships and job placement
    21. Perkins Budget
  2. Tech. Support

Professional Memberships

She has been involved with many charity and cultural organizations including: El Paso Country Nature Center, Colorado Balloon Classic, One Nation Walking Together, San Isabel Land Protection Trust, Indie Spirit Film Festival,  High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival, and Iron Springs Chateau.