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The department is based at the Centennial Campus on South Academy Blvd. and oversees several medical degrees and certifications.

Students do not have go through an application/acceptance process to begin these programs and may join at the start of any semester.

The Associate of Applied Science Medical Assistant degree generally takes 2 years to complete. The Certification in Clinical Office Assistant takes 4 semesters for completion.

All of the course work in the clinical office certification program can be applied to the degree program. Students may be full or part time and classes are scheduled weekdays and weekends to accommodate various student schedules.
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Degree & Certificate Options

The areas of Medical Assisting are designed to prepare individuals to assist with clinical and administrative functions as employees within the ambulatory health care setting. All students become familiar with multiple medical diagnostic and treatment procedures commonly performed in the ambulatory setting including phlebotomy, laboratory testing, respiratory testing and treatments, cast care, wound care, medication dosage calculations and administration, performing EKG (electrocardiograms) while interacting with patients and their needs.

This certificate is designed to prepare individuals to work in clinics or physicians’ offices as clinical assistants or aides. Successful graduates from this program will be able to provide physician’s assistants with physical examinations, diagnostic tests, in-office laboratory testing and treatment procedures. All credits from this certificate may be applied to the Medical Assistant AAS degree program.

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Requirements of Working in Healthcare

Because the Medical Assistant AAS degree and Clinical Office Assistant certification involve working in a healthcare setting students, will have internships for both programs.

Students need certain physical abilities to succeed in the medical field. The Colorado College system has developed essential skills necessary for students attempting to work in the technical areas of the medical field. Please review this list to be aware of what you may need to be able to accomplish.

Internships courses (MAP 183 & MOT 182) require additional considerations prior to enrollment, which include:

  • Proof of vaccinations or blood titers for: tuberculin skin tests, proof of measles, rubella and rubeola, proof of hepatitis B, current year flu vaccination and a current tetanus.
  • Obtaining a physical exam by their private physician at their own cost.
  • Criminal background checks on all students.
  • For specifics disqualifiers on the background investigation, students should contact a MOT faculty advisor.
  • Students who do not obtain the PPSC approved criminal background investigation will not be able to enroll in internship class.
  • Take and pass drug and alcohol (word document  marijuana information and what drugs are screened) screening prior to their internship.
  • Failure to pass the criminal background or drug screen test will result in the inability to complete the desired certification or degree.
  • Current CPR certification.