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Melody J Studebaker
M.A., University Colorado, Colorado Springs

As for myself, I love, love, love teaching and history is my passion. My undergrad degree is from Columbia College with History/Political Science majors, minor in psychology, next was my Masters at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS).

Prior to my teaching career I was employed in corporate American businesses, starting out at the most entry level you can imagine. I learned to wear a lot of hats, juggle schedules, change agendas in mid-stream , work for some real tyrants (male and female), as well some real professional leaders, manage a staff, take on more tasks, and know how to read people, forecast budgets, lead a seminar and take ownership for praise and blame. It was a learning curve and all worth the experiences and rewards, and yes those set-backs, too. Finally, I accepted and was positioned as a government certificated agent for contracts. Which basically means I negotiated on government budgeted contracts, first in wholesale foods and later in high-end medical equipment. In this field you either like reading the detail of government contracts or you don't, and you know fairly quickly. Guess what, I like it. It was a good and handsome career, however when the fall of 2008 arrived and the market fell down the slope in a gallop, so did the government contracts; it was time to find a new direction and education was always a background desire. No regrets on corporate America, it was good for me in many life lessons that no textbook or classroom could provide.

Therefore I value a persons' own life experiences. They can be so rewarding, sometimes laughable even years later, and always a known memory.


Professional Experience

I have been teaching since 2011 from Guest teaching in the Denver public school system to adjunct and Sr Lecture at community colleges and universities between Denver and Colorado Springs. Each higher education facilities shared similar strategies and goals, and yet each was unique in its style and approach in meeting those goals at the various campus locations. No one was better than another, rather respectfully different.

Honors & Awards

CTU Awarded Adjunct Teacher in General Studies of History semester 2016

Classes Taught

American History Survey classes I & II
Modern American History
Colorado History
Women Studies I & II
World at Wars
Ancient History I & II
20th Century World
History of Now; Capitalism in America
World History I & II
European Wars of WWI & II
Cultural Geography
History of Controversies

Research Interests

World War I (social cultural)
Middle Ages to Renaissance (social cultural)