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Career Options

The Fight Against Cyber Crime

Cyber crimes, and the fight against them, represent the frontier and future of safety in society. As our world becomes more and more digitally based, the need for professionals to safeguard the cyber world becomes more and more pressing. Along with being on the forefront of technological advancement, future cyber security professionals have the opportunity to have high-paying and rewarding careers.
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What Kind of Salary Can I Expect?

Database Security Administrator

O*Net Online

Job Growth


8% (As fast as average)

Source: Colorado Bureau of Labor Statistics


In Colorado, there are entry-level job opportunities for this fast-growing career field.

Common careers pursued by PPSC graduates are:

  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Security Specialist 
  • Data Security Administrator 
  • Technology Security

Students that pursue degrees beyond PPSC, may also consider advanced careers in fields such as:

There are numerous professional organizations that represent the accounting industry in which students may find more information regarding accounting careers and professional support.

Association for Women in Computing - Organization dedicated to promoting the advancement of women in computing professions

Code2040 - An organization that empowers and mobilizes diversity champions across the IT industry

Vets Who Code - A non-profit dedicated to filling the nations technical skills gap with America’s best

Finding work in your field (or any field) can be challenging for anyone. Here are some resources that you can use to find a career that suits you and build a resume to win a job.

Pikes Peak Workforce Center Website - A comprehensive resource that offers job search assistance, resume preparation, and other career-related services for job seekers in the Pikes Peak region. 

Robert Half Research and Insights - A widely respected human resources consulting firm - Robert Half research and insights can give you industry respected tips and advice for job searches and resumes.

PPSC Career Connections - The college's portal for students and employers to post and search for jobs. You may also visit the PPSC Jobs website for on-campus student employment opportunities.