James DeHerrera


Jim teaches Introduction to Programming, Computer Science I, Computer Science II, Java, and 'C' courses as well as Computer Literacy. Jim specializes in Java C++, C, Python and Assembly languages.

In business and Industry, has over 20 years of experience, Served as Systems Engineer, Senior Systems Analyst and Senior Systems Programmer with IBM and Sears Logistics. 

In Higher Education, Jim worked at Northern Illinois University as an Assistant to the Provost, Management Analyst, Systems Programmer, and Education Services Manager in e-Learning and University Training Corrdinator for Accounting Systems. Jim has taught at PPSC since 2001 and is currently serving Computer Science and Web-based Department Chair.

Outside Interets: Art Deco, Film Noir, Xbox Platform Gamer: Open World Games specializing in Global Events, Mathematics (Spouse in a Mathematician), Music, Fountain Pens and is a part-time Cigar Aficionado rating cigars.