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Melinda Mingo


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MelindaJoy Mingo, Ph.D., Denver Institute of Urban Studies

MelindaJoy Mingo began her college studies at 15 years old in Chicago, IL at Loyola University and has since acquired a B.A. degree in Organizational Management, a M.A. in Human Resource Management/Organizational Development, and a Ph.D. in Global Education and Leadership.

She has been at PPSC since 2017 teaching various courses in the Communications department.

MelindaJoy has over 15 years of experience teaching at various universities nationally and overseas as a visiting cross-cultural communications and intercultural communications visiting professor Hanoi University in Hanoi, Vietnam. 




She is a national published author and also featured in a TEDx talk title, `Shame off you - living your authentic life'. She was featured in 2022 in a local newspaper as 22 people in Colorado Springs who are making a difference in the community through leadership and entrepreneurship.