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Communication skills are essential for job effectiveness in the 21st Century. Once a message is said, it cannot be taken back. The ability to present information through the appropriate channel, in the most effective way, and at the right time can determine the success or failure of that communication. Sending and receiving messages and achieving shared meaning are the essence of communication.

What can you do with a degree in Communication?

According to a May 2019 LinkedIn report, Communication is one of the top 10 most versatile college majors. 

An associate degree in Communication will provide general knowledge and information that will help you be a more effective communicator in whatever discipline or career you choose to pursue.

The ability to be a persuasive communicator is key to advancement in virtually every career field. The field of communication focuses on how people speak, write, sign, text, blog, and use a wide variety of other media effectively to create understanding from person to person, between groups, across various cultures, and in many different contexts.

Because communication is such a broad field income among communication majors vary widely. Some of the factors that determine income can be level of degree, from associate to PhD, or the field in which communication majors decide to work. Communication majors can expect to earn from $25, 000 to $112, 000 depending on where they choose to work, with the higher end salary being in healthcare and recruiting.

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The Communication Department at Pikes Peak State College has given me a home on campus. My professors have taught me how to think critically, write with purpose, listen mindfully, and speak my mind with clarity, humility, and confidence. They are generous with their time, and they understand that what students need most are encouragement and trust. Without a doubt, they have changed my life.

Will Settlage - Communication Major