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Debra Buenting


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Debra Buenting, Ph.D., Regent University

Swiss fondue, Texas BBQ, Colorado trout, Greek souvlaki, Thai curry, West African peanut sauce, and New Zealand pavlova are just a few of the culinary delights celebrated in some places Dr. Deb has spent considerable time. She has had an extraordinary life, living, and working in more than 60 countries. And with all the places she’s been, it is her joy to call Colorado her home.

Debra Buenting, Ph.D. (Dr. Deb as her students call her) came from a background in media production working mainly with non-profits. Since 2007 she has been teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at several schools. At PPSC she has taught interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational communication, public speaking, television studio productions and film as art.