Dr. Jaki Taggart


Dr. Jaki Taggart has served as Professor of Business at Pikes Peak State College for over 20 years. 

She enjoys teaching business, ethics, management, leadership, communicating, presentation skills, diversity, team building, entrepreneurship, and business etiquette.

As a doctoral candidate, Dr. Taggart conducted a three-year, qualitative research project in which she studied the traits and characteristics of successful women in the workplace. The study specifically sought to identify factors that enabled women to succeed in their employment in spite of the obstacles and inenquities they all encountered. The study identified major themes that were consistent in the life experiences of the sample population. Dr. Taggarts's research provided a tool to empower women, particularly minority women to enter the world of business with self-confidence, a strong will, and a drive to compete and excel. She has been a strong advocate of women since this time.