Harley Acres


(719) 502-3553 | Harley.Acres@PikesPeak.edu

Box D37, Downtown | DT-S210


Originally from Mississippi, Harley Acres is a product of the community college system. Both of his parents were community college instructors and he began his artistic education at a community college himself before studying printmaking in undergraduate school and going on to attain his degree in art history.


M.A., University of Alabama, 2007

B.A., University of Alabama, 2003.

Professional Experience

Chosen for the study abroad program at the University of Alabama which allowed Harley to travel to Osaka and study Japanese ink painting (sumi-e) and the Japanese language for a year at Kansai Gaidai University. 
He is currently the Art Department Chair at Pikes Peak State College. 

Honors & Awards

Guest Lecturer at Harvard University’s Invitational Conference on Gender Issues in Asia.

Classes Taught

  • ART 1110: Art Appreciation
  • ART 1111: Art History Ancient to Medieval
  • ART 1112: Art History Renaissance to 1900
  • ART 1113: Art History 1900 to Present


Harley has written extensively on the Japanese artist Rumiko Takahashi and maintains the website http://www.furinkan.com about her work and writings. 

Professional Memberships

SECAC (South Eastern College Art Conference) 

Research Interests

Japanese art of the 1800s, manga, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Symbolist art.