Gwendolyn Wallen-Sena


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Gwendolyn Wallen-Sena
M.A., University of Colorado at Denver

I am an historical archaeologist with interests spanning the breadth of the field of anthropology. I earned a B.A. in anthropology from the University of Michigan before moving to Denver, CO where I earned an M.A. in anthropology with a concentration in archaeology from the University of Colorado – Denver. During my time there, I assisted in the instruction of courses in biological anthropology and archaeology. My studies there culminated in a master’s thesis relating to gender and identity of Victorian era Army laundresses. Upon graduation, I joined the Register of Professional Archaeologists (R.P.A.) and continued educating students in field experience as an archaeological crew chief for Adams State University's field school at Fort Massachusetts. While working at Fort Massachusetts, I continued to pursue her interest in gender archaeology and identity. After several field seasons, I returned to the classroom at Pikes Peak State College as an assistant professor for the Anthropology Department. Beginning in 2016, Gwen has taught courses in cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology focusing on methodology and theoretical perspectives of culture and evolution.


Professional Experience

Fort Massachusetts Crew Chief, Adams State University 2012-2015, 2019

Classes Taught

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Archaeology, Introduction to Biological Anthropology, Sex and Culture, World Prehistory


Soap and Suds: Alcohol Consumption Among the Residents of Soap Suds Row (2015)

Professional Memberships

The Register of Professional Archaeologists (2015)

Research Interests

historical archaeology gender, identity, agency, the Victorian Era