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understanding degree types:

Designed for transferring to a university or continued education after PPSC:

  • AA | Associate of Arts
  • AS | Associate of Science
Designed to get you into the workforce quickly with in-the-field knowledge:
  • AAS | Associate of Applied Science
  • AGS | Associate of General Studies

Bachelor's Degrees:

  • BAS | Bachelor Applied Science 
  • BSN | Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

Certificates & Other Options:

  • CER | Certificate
  • Industry Certification
  • Non-Degree
  • Upcoming

Please note:

* There are always exceptions, some Bachelors degrees will require AGS or AAS. Be sure you speak with an Advisor to determine the degree type that is best for you.

** The degree and certificate descriptions provided here are not the same as official Catalog descriptions. Your advisor can help you create an academic plan.