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PPSC Urgent Relief Fund

PPSC Urgent Relief Fund

Few college students in Colorado struggle as much as those at PPSC right now. More than 50% of our students qualify for federal Pell grants for low income students. That's the highest percentage of Pell-eligible students in our state system, and they're not alone. All of our students have been profoundly impacted by the pandemic personally and educationally. The PPSC Foundation seeks funding to support immediate needs of students who have been impacted by the novel Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Qualifying Students

  • Currently enrolled at PPSC

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA

  • Nominated by faculty or staff who can speak to student’s determination to complete.

All funds will be managed by the PPSC Foundation. Funding recommendations will be made within 24 hours of request by the Associate Vice President for Student Services based on the following:

  • A paragraph from a faculty or staff nominator describing the circumstance of the student and why they believe the students is committed to completion

  • Brief request for support from student

  • Student contact information

Support will be released on the receipt of a thank you letter from student sharing how funds will make a difference for them and their family.  All contributions will fund Immediate Emergency Relief needs:

  • Food: $200 feeds a family of four for one week

  • Transportation: $50 for gas 

  • Rent: $1,000 to support one month's rent

  • Technology: $400 for a computer provided by the PPSC Foundation

  • Internet: $132 for one year of internet essential for online learning

Please note that this list will be adjusted as needed.
Make a Donation:

  1. Please make your choice on the PayPal menu below and choose “add to cart.” This will take you to a PayPal site.

  2. From the paypal site, if you'd like to support multiple needs, please choose “Continue shopping” in the upper right hand corner and repeat the process.

  3. When you have identified all of the urgent needs you want to support, please u­­­­­­se­ PayPal check out to complete your donation. 

100% of your donation will be used to support PPSC students. Thank you for your patience with this contribution process.

Urgent Relief Fund

Mail a check:
PPSC Foundation
5675 S Academy Blvd, C-68
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

All donations are tax-deductible. For more information, please call Lisa James at 719-377-1831.

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