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Celebrate Service 2020


Celebrate Service 2020

Honoring Our Students, Faculty, And Community Partners

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Student Group of the Year

Emily Forand’s ENG 131-077 class – Fall 2019

Nominated by Professor Emily Forand:

This student group made a brochure that the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region will use for their new underage kitten program. They began the project in only week two of the course. These students were receptive to the project right away. They worked together quickly and as a cohesive team to accomplish something that benefits the community.

  • Chase Hubert 
  • Chantel Marquez
  • Jean "Parfait" Tombet
  • Emily Tomjack
  • Audrie Vela  (not pictured)

PPSC Service-Learning Student of the Year 2020

Hayley Stoddard

Hayley Stoddard is a native of California and is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree here in Colorado. In the last four years, she has worked as a dedicated caregiver to disabled children and the elderly. She is passionate about caring for people as unique individuals who deserve the highest quality of life, regardless of their circumstances. When she's not working or studying, her favorite pastime is reading and writing poetry. 

Hayley used her skills as a CNA to provide relief to caregivers who provide 24 hour care for a 95 year-old patient whom she nicknamed "Ladybug." Her presentation and approach especially highlighted the importance of this work for this individual and her caregivers. She was able to share Ladybug's story and with it the importance of caring for the elderly in society.

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PPSC Service-Learning Faculty Member of the Year 2020

Ruth-Ann Larish

Ruth-Ann Larish has been involved in PPSC Service Learning since the very beginning and brings her knowledge and passion for Environmental Science into the classroom, inspiring students to create truly phenomenal Service Learning experiences. She has led classes to explore Environmental Science as they cleaned Fountain Creek, as they presented research at the World Sustainability Fair, and even as they ventured through the rainforests of Costa Rica.


A Service Learning student sums up Professor Larish's excellence in teaching well: "I learned how to be patient, and most importantly she helped me through the class. I learned that having the ability to share opinions and ideas helps with motivation and learning ability better than just getting it done independently. I usually never want to talk to my instructors, even if I have questions, but with Ruth-Ann, I was able to go to her for anything."

Ruth-Ann Larish is Environmental Science/Integrated Science faculty

She regularly teaches:

ENV101, ENV110, SCI155, SCI156




Jenna Benson's English students drafted several proposals for improving our students food and health situation through the expansion, increased advertising, and the construction of a fresh food greenhouse on the Rampart Range Campus.


Class Community Partner
English 122 - English Composition II PPSC Food Pantry
English 131 - Technical Writing PPSC Key Club

Students and volunteers will prepare and file tax returns free of charge (To households with an income of less than 56,000. )Free tax prep helps ease the burden of commercial tax preparation costs on low-wage earners and helps connect families with valuable tax credits.

For more information and a complete list of what to bring visit TaxHelpCO.org.

Class Community Partner
ACC 133 Tax Help Colorado Practicum Piton Foundation



View the Press Release Here:

Jenna Shearn's MGD 211 Adobe Photoshop II created event marketing posters and T-shirts for the annual High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival


Class Community Partner
MGD 211 Adobe Photoshop II High Mountain Hay Fever Bluegrass Festival

On February 24, Emily Forand and Amie Short's ENG classes hosted literary discussions of Toni Morrison's "Sweetness" as part of the campus-wide Toni Morrison Commemoration Week events. Students in these two Literature 115 classes created questions and hosted small group discussions about the story at the event. Our students' questions created a space for conversations about race, history, and identity for students, staff, and community guests.

Class Community Partner
LIT 115 Introduction to Literature

Journalism Instructor Sarah McMahon's Journalism 215 students wrote articles that appeared in local independent newspapers. Student Lacey Berig's article appeared in the November 2019 issue of the Southeast Express newspaper in Colorado Springs. The article explained the Electoral College, how it affects citizens, and recent controversies surrounding it's function. 


Class Community Partner
JOU 215 Publications Production and Design Southeast Express Newspaper
JOU 105 Introduction to Mass Media

Colorado Springs Independent Newspaper


Amy Cornish's FRE 212 French IV class conducted a letter writing campaign to children in French speaking countries as part of their Service-Learning project.


Class Community Partner
FRE 212 French Language IV Children in French Speaking Countries Around the World

Gina Swanson's SOC 101 Intro to Sociology class worked at the Marion House Soup Kitchen to prep food and sort donations. 

Class Community Partner
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology Marion House Charities and Soup Kitchen


Learn more about Marion House below:

Monument Creek Clean-Up, Students learned about the 4 Pillars of Sustainability,  unique facts about our Colorado Springs waterways. After acquiring all this knowledge, they spent 2 hours cleaning up the PPSC adopted portion of the Monument Creek Watershed. (Reflections followed.​​​​​)

Partnership with Culinary Arts Program, students learn the science and art of baking bread and how it is used to help feed the world. After all loaves are baked and smelling fresh, each ENV 101 student takes three loaves and shares it with three people they think it will impact...a selfless act of kindness and nourishment.


Class Community Partner
ENV 101-08s

Culinary Arts Program: Mike Paradiso

PPSC Sustainability Office

Jerry Cordova from CSP Government


Our Community Partners

We solute our community partners - our program and students are indebted to their valuable contributions to our community 

Big Brother, Big Sister • Boys & Girls Club • CASA of Pikes Peak Region • Catholic Charities of Central Colorado • Catholic Volunteer Network • Children's Literacy Center • Colorado Mission of Mercy • Cool Science • The Council of Neighborhood Organizations • Discover Goodwill • Haseya Advocate Program • Head Start • Inside Out: LGBTQ Youth Services • Junior Achievement • Kingdom Builders Family Life Center • Mission Medical Center • More Than A Meal Inc. • Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence • Pikes Peak Children's Museum • PPSC Office of Sustainability • The Red Cross • The Resource Exchange • Rocky Mountain Field Institute • Rogers Reading Buddies • Ronald McDonald House Charities • Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence • Salvation Army • SET Family Medical Clinics • Victory Service Dogs • Westside CARES 

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The Boys and Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region has been a long standing partner of the PPSC Service-Learning Program. Over the years, PPSC students volunteered at the clubs by working with youth in their after school programs and by supporting club events. This community partner has made a big difference in the lives of many students and faculty at PPSC.

Marissa Mitchell -  a 17-year-old senior at James Irwin Charter High School -  was named Boys and Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region 2020 Youth of the Year for 2019-2020.  Mitchell has been a club participant since fifth grade. As a club member, Mitchell has served as a a student teacher and mentor, as well as instructed music and drama programming, in addition to volunteering with multiple programs within the community.

A talented musician with the Colorado Springs Conservatory, she will major in music education at University of Northern Colorado in Greeley in August.

Learn more about this organization