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COSI Finish What You Started

Finish What You Started Scholarship

Did you start your college degree but not finish?
Has the pandemic negatively impacted you?
We know sometimes life gets in the way of accomplishing goals. We are here to help you get back on track!
FWYS will help you finish your certificate or degree.
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Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative

Finish What You Started (FWYS) is a Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) sponsored by the Colorado Department of Education.

COSI is funded by the American Rescue Plan Act.

COSI helps Colorado residents go back to school and earn their credential or degree by providing financial assistance and support services.

What do you get with FWYS?

Benefits of the Finish What You Started Scholarship include:
  • $1,500 scholarship per semester, renewable until you complete your certificate or degree
  • Scholarship funds are in addition to other financial aid you may receive
  • Qualified coaches and tutors to support your success
  • Resources such as career services, financial literacy, and time management workshops

Coaching supports students:

  • Learning about PPSC academic, financial and social resources
  • Progressing toward and completing a credential/degree 
  • Connecting to resources
  • Exploring careers and either transitioning back into the workforce or transferring to 4-year institution
  • Developing student success skills 
Coaches work with students on:
  • Getting started with tasks
  • Focus/ staying on task
  • Time/self-management
  • Organization
  • Responsibility
  • Study strategies
  • Goal planning
  • Initiate asking for help/ Self-advocacy
  • Pacing in an online or remote course
  • Self-awareness
Student studying
Group of students studying

Who is eligible?

Students who: 

  • Have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Qualify for in-state tuition.
  • Are pursuing their first higher education certificate or degree in Colorado (previous degree holders and 30+ credit hours certificates are ineligible)
  • Are not receiving another COSI Scholarship 
  • Have "Some College, No Degree" 
    • Defined as students who earned some postsecondary credits from a Colorado public/private higher education institution but did not complete a certificate or degree before deciding not to enroll for two or more consecutive semesters. 

FWYS Lead Coach

What is the role of a student success coach?

  • Provide a pathway to success!
  • Help students understand that success takes work, dedication and time - and help build management skills and strategies to make the time
  • Coach students through goal setting, making an action plan, and providing tips, tools, or strategies to succeed each semester
  • Recognize student's potential and inspire students to actualize their personal and professional potential

Email: Nekedra.Bullock@pikespeak.edu 
Direct: 719-640-1696
Office: 719-502-3633
Nekedra Bullock
PPSC FWYS Navigator Brandy Kaminsky

Ready to finish what you started?

Take the next step toward finishing your certificate or degree! 

Let us know you are interested in the Finish What You Started scholarship.

I'm Interested in Finish What You Started

Have questions or want more info?
Contact Brandy Kaminsky, Finish What You Started Navigator: 
Email: Brandy.Kaminsky@pikespeak.edu
Phone: 719-323-4117 (call or text)

Nekedra Bullock and Brandy Kaminsky, FWYS Team

Attend an Information Session to Learn More!

At the Finish What You Started Information Session, you will learn:
  • The benefits of attending Pikes Peak State College
  • About the Finish What You Started Scholarship
  • How to apply
Register, meet the Finish What You Started team, and more!

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Questions or need assistance?
Contact Brandy Kaminsky at 719-323-4117 or Brandy.Kaminsky@pikespeak.edu