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Focus Goals

The Focus Goals

Strategic Plans can look overwhelming. Our Destination 2022, for instance, prescribes five over-arching goals, each supported by a host of tactics and action steps. In order to make progress, the leadership staff holds an annual retreat to identify the next year's areas of emphasis called focus goals.

This will include matching a fellow up with a mentor at PPSC.  This also includes actively trying to assist the fellows in finding their community at PPSC and outside of PPSC.

This will require PPSC to formalize the way that department chairs hire adjuncts at PPSC.  It isn’t okay to just hire our friends and exclude or never consider other viable candidates.

This will require the search committees and HR to actively look for transferrable skills that may not be previous teaching experience, so non-traditional candidates.  Additionally, we need to make sure the search committee gets at least one meeting together prior to any screening of candidates. We need a committee that is comfortable with one another and knows the clear mission.

Faculty and staff interviews will have more multicultural questions.

We are asking some people to change their thinking at PPSC.  This may mean an examination of one’s values.  It is important for you to say this shift is about bringing into the classroom faculty that are more reflective of the demographic make-up of the students.  This is highly correlated to student achievement, retention and completion.  People aren’t being replaced but if people intend to sabotage or don’t want to get on board with this focus goal, then perhaps PPSC is no longer a good fit for them.

 Actively recruit candidates at graduate schools in CO, NM, AZ, UT, OK and TX and through other professional networks.