PPSC Gets Official Approval for Name Change

Press Release I April 25, 2022

The bill allowing Pikes Peak State College to change its name was signed by Gov. Jared Polis on Friday.

The bipartisan House Bill 1280 “Pikes Peak State College Name Change” was introduced by House Reps. Marc Snyder and Tony Exum and Senate Reps. Paul Lundeen and Pete Lee sponsored the bill. In a brief ceremony at PPSC's Rampart Range Campus last Friday, Governor Polis signed it into law.

The college will officially launch its new name, Pikes Peak State College, in the fall. 

The intent of the new name is to increase the perception of its value among students and employers, and to effectively market the institution to help foster enrollment growth, build partnerships, and increase overall competitiveness in the region.

While this name change does not alter Pikes Peak's focus on two-year degrees and certificates, it certainly reflects the college's expansion into four-year degrees. The name works to strategically brand the college, remaining market relevant to prospective students and employers, and in turn helps their community thrive.  

"PPSC continues to play a critical role in meeting the education and workforce training needs of our community," college president Lance Bolton said. "PPSC’s programs help sustain growth and economic vitality across Southern Colorado while also preparing students to transfer to four-year institutions to complete bachelor programs.  

About PPSC
Established in 1968 and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, PPSC offers associate degrees, certifications in career and technical fields and three bachelors’ degrees. With three campuses, various off-campus locations, two military education centers, and hundreds of online classes, PPSC provides access to a quality, affordable and flexible education to more than 17,500 students annually with both credit and non-credit classes.
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