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Advancing Academic Achievement

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What is Advancing Academic Achievement?

Advancing Academic Achievement, more commonly referred to as AAA 1009, is a single class taken in the initial semester of your college journey. This class is not a course of study.

AAA 1009 is a course designed to examine theories and practices associated with successful learning to enhance college success.  This course studies areas including:

● Education and career planning

● Effective communication

● Personal management

● Critical and creative thinking

● Development of community

● Awareness of diversity

● Leadership

● Techniques for successful academic performance

Why take Advancing Academic Achievement (AAA)?

The AAA 1009 course is designed for new and returning students to help give these students some skills, and refreshers, on how to navigate college life and beyond! The AAA Department is one of the departments in the Division of Mathematics and English.

This course is required for:

● New students who test into co-requisite courses, or who opt out of testing

● New Students who have no college-level credits from PPSC or other institutions

● Returning students who have not been in a college environment for an extended period of time
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Barbara Garrett

Barbara Overgaard