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Creating Your Future Together

Colorado Springs' largest university and community college are teaming up for a shared mission: Getting you where you want to go. 

Helping you find your path starts with expanding your horizon, shining the light on new opportunities you might not have considered. We've known for decades that students have been successfully pairing Pikes Peak with UCCS, understanding that our institutions create the pieces that connect for a brighter future. So why not work together to make it easier, more seamless. What that means for you is that reaching your career goals just got simplified.

The Power of Partnership

Neither PPSC nor UCCS expect you to go it alone. We both have committed teams of advisors, tutors, counselors, and academic coaches who get you into the right classes and help you over financial, emotional or academic hurdles.

PPSC offers more than 100 associate degree and certificate programs and three bachelor's. UCCS offers 50 bachelor's, 24 masters, and seven doctoral degrees.

UCCS is part of the University of Colorado system and PPSC is part of the Colorado Community College System. Both set high standards and support for their colleges and universities.

The college and university have both been recognized by Military Friendly magazine for our extraordinary support for active duty, veterans and their families.
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Bridge to Bachelor's
UCCS and PPSC have developed a number of agreements and programs alignments that ensure that your credits at one will be accepted at the other.

Among those agreements is the Bridge to Bachelor’s Degree Program. Here's how it works.  As an incoming freshman, you register for classes and talk to an advisor at PPSC. Let them know you're interested in the Bridge to Bachelor's and designate UCCS as your preferred partner. 

Upon graduation from PPSC, you will be guaranteed admission to UCCS.

Bridge students also will get:
  • Personalized student advising and guidance to ensure credits and administrative supports are in place to easily transfer to UCCS.
  • Scholarship opportunities to make degrees from a four-year institution more attainable and affordable.
  • A no-hassle transfer process between the college and university partners, ensuring a smooth transition.

Learn more about Sara DeRose's experience

Sara found the combination of UCCS and Pikes Peak invaluable for the writing skills they helped her develop. She ended up using those skills as she never expected, joining her graphic designer husband Troy to found Fixer Creative, one of the top branding agencies in the Pikes Peak region.

Learn more about Jack Hooten's experience

Jack didn’t really want to go to college and didn’t do well the first time around. After working in a restaurant job he hated, he decided to give college another try and take it more seriously. He’s now finishing his degree in Business/Marketing. He credits his success to the support and flexibility PPSC and UCCS provided while working full time and going to school. Advisors and professors at both schools helped him believe he can can do anything with the right mindset.

Learn more about Roberto Rodriguez's experience

Why would an artist need a college degree? Mural and motorcycle detail artist Roberto Rodriguez can tell you. He'll talk about how Pikes Peak and UCCS gave him the background in art history to more fully realize his artistic gifts as well as the business know-how to understand how to sell his work.

Learn more about Jennifer Guajardo's experience

After a messy divorce, Jennifer found herself and her two children on the verge of homelessness. They lived in a trailer without heat or electricity. Her family escaped from poverty with the help of Pikes Peak and UCCS. Now, she pays back the favor, helping students as an instructor and advisor.

Learn more about James Proby's experience

James was struggling. Dyslexia had him struggling with school work in high school. But the combination of Pikes Peak and UCCS got him on track, not only with academic accommodations and support, but also with faculty and staff who saw more in him than he saw in himself. Now he owns and runs the Men's Exchange.
Rampart Campus

About Pikes Peak State College

The largest, most diverse college in the Pikes Peak region, PPSC will soon change its name to Pikes Peak State College. The name change, recently approved by Gov. Polis, reflects the college's evolution. While still fiercely committed to providing affordable two-year degrees and certificates, the college now offers three bachelor's degrees, with another three under development.

The college is known for its highly ranked nursing and other health science programs, as well as its zoo keeping, cybersecurity, hospitality, business, advanced manufacturing, and police academy, with classes at three  campuses as well as online.

About the University of Colorado Colorado Springs

UCCS is a renowned research university perched on Austin Bluffs, with a sprawling modern campus, on-campus housing and top-notch facilities, including the holistic and inclusive Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center and the contemporary creativity complex the Ent Center for the Arts.

The initial university programs of engineering and business still serve as pillars of the university. Those programs have been joined by a broad range of degree programs offered in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as professional programs in nursing, education and public affairs.

UCCS also is known for its vibrant athletics program and engaging clubs.

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