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CH33 Important Information

As of January 2022, CH 33 students must verify enrollments with VA to continue receiving payments

ATTENTION! Enrollment verification texts are generally sent from the VA on the last day of the month.  MHA/stipend funds are not likely to be received until the first part of the following month.  

Download the instructions and additional information on the monthly, mandatory enrollment verifications for students using CH33 education benefits. 


Instructional Methods and Your Benefits

When registering for courses, keep in mind that PPSC reports instructional methods to the VA based on the chart below.

Being enrolled in all "online" courses will reduce your monthly housing allowance to 50% of the national average.
On-Campus Instructional Method

On-Campus Instructional Method

Important Exception: Developmental courses (Math and English preparation courses such as MAT 0250 and ENG 0094) must always be Classroom Based. VA will not pay for Developmental  courses under any other instructional method. 
Online Instructional Methods

Online Instructional Methods

*Under certain conditions PPSC might be able to report HyFlex as on-campus. Email us for more information if you are considering a HyFlex course. 

For the most up-to-date information, please visit the VA Education Benefit website.