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Online, Hybrid, or Hyflex - It's Your Choice

The Mission of the eLearning Department is to provide instructional resources and support services that enhance teaching and learning strategies.

eLearning Vision Statement
We provide high-quality, adaptive instructional support to assist faculty and students to create innovative and equitable educational experiences for our students.

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What do I need to be successful as an online student?

  • A computer or mobile device
  • Internet access

How can I ensure that my computer setup works?

Test your system here -

What are the recommended computer requirements?

  • A computer no older than five years.
  • A camera and microphone.  Most computers and laptops have them built in.
  • All devices will require anti-virus software that is recommended by your internet service provider. 

How do I secure my device?

  • Use anti-virus software recommended by your internet service provider.
  • Purchase any additional warranties or protection plans for your device.
  • Back up created content on a USB drive or student O365 account.

 I have problems what can I do?

Visit the CCCS 24/7 Help Desk (help.cccs.edu)
  • To verify that the College is not experiencing an outage. 
  • Self-service help desk instructions and articles
  • Chat with an expert.
You can also call 1-888.800.9198



Do you have the tech you need?

We strongly recommend you double-check that you have the technology required to take online classes. It’s essential that your computer and technology is compatible with online learning. 

This short video details the technology you will need to be successful in an online course.


Illustration of Modern Computer

Online Class Success Tips

Students should make sure they have a digital file organization strategy. This is an essential skill for students taking traditional - and online - courses. 

Learn The Basics Of Digital Organization [video]

It can be easy to fall behind in your classes if you don't have a plan - a strategy - to stay on top of things.

Stay on Top of Assignments with Calender & Reminders Tips [video]

If your assignments aren’t saved in at least two places - they aren’t saved. Watch this video to learn how to best backup assignments. Be prepared.

Learn How to Safely Backup Your Data [video]

For Specific Program Questions

Arts, Humanities, and Social Science (AHSS) 

Business, Technology, and Public Service (BTPS) 

Health Sciences (HS)

Science, Engineering, and Math (SEM)

Technology and Professional Studies (TPS)

Military and Veterans Programs (MVP)

719-502-4100 (PPSC Centennial and Rampart Range Campuses)

719-502-4200 (Ft. Carson Army Base)

719-502-4300 (Peterson Space Force Base)