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Success Coaching

All students are welcome!

Success coaches are available to all students, working with you to help you reach your academic, personal, and professional goals. 

Like sports coaching, but for academics

Every student in the college has access to a success coach to help you succeed. You've probably seen the advantages of having a coach in sports to provide guidance and encouragement.

It's the same in academics. Whether you're struggling with grades, finances, time management, filling out forms you, or just need somebody to help you advocate for yourself, your success coaches are ready and able.

You don't have to go it alone. Connect with a success coach now.

Advantage Coaches laying on the grass in a circle

Meet The Coaches

We have several coaches ready to help you reach your goals.


success coaching student brittany hardy


Success Coaching at PPSC has allowed me to become a better student in ways that I did not know I could. This program is one of the many resources that I rely on to help get me through this semester. College can be very intimidating and stressful when combining school with your outside life...The coaches are very supportive and understanding, but most importantly, they can relate with us because they have been in our shoes.

Brittany Hardy | Success Coaching Student

If you believe you could benefit from coaching, fill out this contact form. One of our success coaches will be in touch soon. For quickest service, please include your student number in all communications. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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