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Natural and Physical Sciences Division

The Natural and Physical Sciences Division (NPS) is committed to meeting the PPSC mission of providing high quality educational opportunities to all with a focus on student success and community needs.

PPSC can provide you the kind of courses and advanced training you'll need to enter a variety of professions. NPS Division course offerings include Biology, Chemistry, Dietary Manager, Environmental Science, Geography, Geology, Health & Wellness, Outdoor Leadership & Recreation Technology, Physical Education, Physics, Veterinary Assistant, Water Environmental Technology, Zoo Keeping Technology, and more.

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Which departments are part of the NPS Division?

Astronomy - Astronomy Webpage
Biology - Biology Webpage
Chemistry - Chemistry Webpage
Environmental Science - Environmental Science Webpage coming soon!
Geography - Geography Webpage
Geology - Geology Webpage
Health, Wellness, & Fitness - Health, Wellness, & Fitness Webpage 
Meteorology - NOTE: Only MET 1050 offered at this time - Meteorology Catalog Course Description
Nutrition & Dietetic Technology - Nutrition & Dietetic Technology Webpage
Outdoor Leadership & Recreation Technology - NOTE: Information for Natural Resources (NRE) and Recreation (REC) courses can also be found at the following webpage - Outdoor Leadership Webpage
Physical Education - Physical Education Webpage
Physics - Physics Program Webpage
Science - Science Catalog Course Descriptions
Veterinary Technology - Veterinary Technology Webpage
Water Environmental Technology - Water Environmental Technology Webpage
Zoo Keeping Technology - Zoo Keeping Technology Webpage 
For general questions, you can email us at NPSStaff@pikespeak.edu, or fill out the form below. For quick service, please include your Student ID Number in all communications.
The form below can be used to contact the NPS Division in addition to requesting a syllabus.
Note: Please allow 24-48 business hours for the office staff to get in touch with you.

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Natural & Physical Sciences (NPS) Division

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