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Math Pathways


Math Pathway

Many students need to brush up on mathematics concepts before they enter their first college-level math course.

The Colorado Community College System requires that you take a college placement test to determine your readiness for college-level courses. The following tools are used to determine where you start in your math sequence:

  • Transcripts
  • ACT score
  • SAT score
  • ACCUPLACER score
  • CCPT score
  • High School GPA
  • EdReady

Once you know your mathematics placement, you can determine which classes you need to complete for your goals:

● Algebraic Literacy (MAT 025/MAT 055) track: MAT 121 - College Algebra or MAT 123 - Finite Math (not currently on the schedule at PPSC).

● For all other Math Pathways, please click here.

● Algebraic Literacy pathway: If you are on this track you need to complete or place out of MAT 055. To learn more about Preparatory Mathematics courses please consult the PPSC catalog. If you did not place into the prep class you will need (MAT 055), you will need to brush up on your basic skills. There are several options available to get the help you need. These options do not qualify for Financial Aid and are not for credit. Please visit the Placement Test Prep Resources from our Learning Commons Department for more information. Advising to see which pathway is right for you. Also feel free to reach out to the Division of Mathematics and English with any questions.

● You can receive Financial Aid for all mathematics classes. Get in contact with a Financial Aid Advisor to learn more!

●You should never wait to take your mathematics requirement for your degree until your last semester. In fact, you should begin your mathematics requirement your first semester at PPSC.

● Many students need to complete the MAT 025 and MAT 055 co-requisite course pairing before they are ready for MAT 121 (College Algebra).STEM Core. Are you a STEM Student? Want to accelerate through your math classes?

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