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Communication, Humanities, & Technical Studies Division

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Communications, Humanities & Technical Studies

The Division of Communication, Humanities, & Technical Studies (CHTS) is an academic division at PPSC comprised of career technical education programs and humanities programs. CHTS Principles and Practices In our division...WE TEACH!

  • We are experts in our fields of study and areas of administrative leadership and service
  • We are united by our advocacy for students & dedication to student success
  • We are curious and continue to learn
  • We demonstrate a spirit of collaboration and gratitude
  • We create inclusive classrooms and work environments and we practice culturally responsive teaching, leadership and service where everyone feels safe, supported, and encouraged to express their views
  • We are engaged, respectful, collegial and productive contributors within our campus communities
  • We are good stewards with all resources entrusted to our care
  • We prove integrity with our words and deeds
  • We lead by example and with humility
  • We communicate openly, honestly, constructively and with transparency
  • We acknowledge change as a constant variable in our work and position/support our faculty, staff and processes to be proactive and responsive


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