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BPS - How to Submit Syllabi


BPS - How To Submit Syllabi

Syllabi in the BPS Division Syllabi serve as instructional contracts between instructors and students. Outlining important course information and competencies, course syllabi for individual courses are required to be submitted to the division D2L shell for record.

Most departments have standardized syllabi for courses, and all courses are required to meet course competencies as outlined in the Colorado Common Course Numbering System. Colorado Common Course Numbering System. The Instructional Services website's faculty resources webpage outlines official PPSC syllabus standards. 

After you have completed your syllabi, you should submit them to the BPS Division D2L shell.

  1. Log into D2L and enter the current BPS Division D2L shell.
  2. Select the "Assignments" tab.
  3. Open the current semester's syllabus submission folder.
  4. Add and submit your files - and submit them for record.

* If you update your syllabus during the semester, be sure to submit updated versions of your syllabi (make a note in your submission indicating the update).

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